I am a senior student pursuing a Bachelor of Digital Arts degree in animation, with a focus on character technical direction. I consider myself a poweruser of Maya with 3D Rigging and Python/Pymel scripting, having two years worth of experience utilizing these mediums for my work. My knowledge is not limited to 3D rigging - I'm an effective pipeline technical director as well. I excel in creating an efficient pipeline workflow that allows my team to remain organized, in addition to being able to provide positive troubleshooting support when problems arise.

I've been in a wide range of projects like a stylized film like Juanion, a SCAD short film about an onion boy who makes people cry, as their producer, rigger and Pipeline TD. To an even more realistic project like Timeless, a Collaborative project with The Mill for a fake car commercial, where I worked as a rigger.

Each new project allows me to experience the world of technical art in a new perspective. Taking on different character shapes and types for me to rig excites me, along with being exposed to  a variety of work environments. I'm very happy to be a part of a production, knowing that I am able to make the modeler's characters come to life.