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Biped Auto Rig: 00.00 - 00:38: A Python script that creates a biped auto rig with a single press of a button, created for VFX and animation films only. Auto rig includes stretchy IK arms, legs and spine, infinite spine twist, FK/IK and extra forearm and ankle joints for better wrist twist and ankle twist.

Tall Boss: 00:05 - 00:38: A Biped rig for the SCAD Animated short film named John's Interview with the autorig script applied. The facial rig is joint based with includes ribbon lips and eyebrows. Full FK hand control made purely on direct connections

Mechanical Bull: 00:39 - 00:48: Created for a VFX short film named Olé which includes IK springs/FK, infinite spine twist and upper and lower body control

Tentacle Rig: 00:39 - 01:26: Created for a hybrid film named Noctem Omnia, features FK/Expression based rig with offset controls and master expression control that controls all the tentacles.

Ferrari Rig: 01:27 - 01:53: Created for a SCAD collaboration project with The Mill. The rig includes Front and back pivot control, body car control with Auto Drive function, which allows you to use a control to move the while the wheel rotates based on the translation.

FK CTRL script 01:54 - 02:09: Created with Python with dictionary, how the script works: Select the root or parent of the joint hierarchy. Run the script and it will create an FK groups and control while copying the hierarchy of the joint chain. (Made in less than 14 lines)

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